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By Golden Dental
January 16, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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Do you have cracked, broken or missing teeth? If so, Lancaster dental implants from Dr. Roland Markarian, DMD might be just the solution for you. If you're tired of being embarrassed by your smile and you're ready for a brilliant new smile you can be proud to show off, here are five benefits of dental implants you'll want to consider.

1. Dental Implants Look Natural

With dental implants, no one has to know that your teeth aren't your own. Dental implants look and feel just like your real teeth. You eat with them, brush them and smile with them the same way. In fact, it won't be long until even you forget you have them. They are that natural and comfortable.

2. They are Durable

Lancaster dental implants from Dr. Markarian are a very durable, long term solution. They don't slide out like dentures, and they don't need to be replaced every so often like bridges do. While you may need to have them adjusted periodically, once you have dental implants placed, you will typically be able to rely on them for decades to come.

3. They are Easy to Clean and Maintain

The care required by your dental implants is incredibly similar to the care your regular teeth require. You can brush them, floss between them and rinse with them. While you will want to use a non-abrasive toothpaste, you don't have to worry about taking them out or using any special tools to get them clean.

4. They Are Practical

With dental implants, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods and activities without worry. There's no reason to give up sticky or hard foods--your dental implants can handle it. You don't have to worry about your dental implants falling out or about forgetting your dental implants at home.

5. They Protect Your Oral Health

In order for bridges or veneers to be placed, your teeth must be sanded down to ensure proper bonding. Dental implants actually help - rather than harm - your teeth, however. They don't require any sanding, they keep infection out of your tooth root, and they fill the empty space to prevent your teeth from crowding together.

If you've been considering visiting Dr. Markarian for dental implants in Lancaster, what are you waiting for? Dental implants are a great way to improve your appearance, your oral health and your life. Call to schedule an appointment today!


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