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By Golden Dental
June 02, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Crowns and Bridges Nature intends us to have a full set of teeth when we are adults. Sometimes, though, health circumstances change, and dental health and the appearance of teeth change too. If you have missing or failing teeth, a dental crown or bridge can help you have a complete and healthy smile.

About Crowns and Bridges

In the Lancaster, California area, Dr. Roland Markarian offers many dental service to repair or replace teeth. After Dr. Markarian does a thorough oral examination and x-rays, he offers patients the many options for creating a finished smile.

Familiar to millions of American adults, the porcelain crown provides a completely new cover (right to the gum line) for a tooth that has extensive decay, many fillings, or has been injured or stained. Crowns are also the prosthetic tooth that is attached to a dental implant to replace a tooth that is completely missing

Custom-made in a professional dental lab, crowns are strong, beautiful, and are color matched to your other teeth. Dr. Markarian cements the crown in place, adjusting it to ensure correct fit and bite.

Patients may also be given the option of partial crowns, called inlays and onlays. Custom-crafted from biocompatible porcelain, inlays take the place of large fillings and extend to one corner or cusp of a molar. Onlays completely cover the top of a tooth.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says that crowns last for several years and require the same care that natural teeth do. One caution is that people who grind their teeth (bruxism) may wear their crowns down more quickly. A night mouthguard may help chronic teeth grinders.

Another way to complete a smile is with dental bridges. Also called fixed partial bridges, these permanent appliances:

  • fill the space left by one or more teeth, supporting normal eating and speech and providing natural-looking aesthetics
  • are secured to natural teeth with porcelain crowns
  • can be resin-bonded to their neighbors
  • may be permanently supported by one or more metal implants
  • are sometimes cantilevered off supporting teeth to one side of the bridge when molars are missing

Just like crowns, dental bridges are custom fabricated in the lab according to the dentist's treatment plan. The false teeth are made of a strong composite material and match surrounding teeth well in shape, size and color. Bridgework can last 15 years or more with good care.

Golden Dental Gives You Every Reason to Smile

Roland Markarian DMD, a Lancaster, California dentist highly trained in all aspects of modern dentistry, including implantology, is known for his gentle and skilled dental care. He treats patients of all ages and can answer your questions about dental crowns and bridgework. Why not explore your options for a complete smile by contacting Dr. Markarian's staff for an appointment? Call (661) 948-8100.


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