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By Golden Dental
March 14, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
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Invisalign LancasterHere comes the bride, all dressed in white…
It’s the age-old rhyme, but this time it has a modern twist! There are three things a bride worries about on her big day—the dress, hair and smile. You can count on the wedding consultant and family to help you choose the perfect dress. When your hair stylist is done with you, there won’t be a hair out of place.
What about your smile? Who is going to ensure it looks the best? Look no further than Dr. Roland Markarian, Lancaster dentist.  

Brides have no fear: Invisalign in Lancaster keeps you in the clear!

It’s pretty confident to say you don’t want to wear metal braces on one of the biggest days. You can hold off on orthodontic treatment until the wedding vows are said and sealed; however, will you be satisfied with your smile?
If you have a few months or more before you stand before your significant other, wearing Invisalign can move along your malocclusion. Many Invisalign wearers complete their treatments within a year, although it will depend on your dental case.
Besides revealing a straighter smile, your guests and the photographer won’t notice the invisible aligners. If you want to go without your aligner during the wedding day, you can discuss it with your dentist.
Let Invisalign be another reason you smile down the aisle! (link to invisalign’s pinterest board—smile down the aisle)
Is your wedding a late spring/summer event? Or are you setting the date for this next fall/winter? Invisalign is the perfect choice for your big day. In Lancaster, Invisalign is available at Dr. Markarian’s dentist office. Call (661) 948-8100. 


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