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By Golden Dental
February 26, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Two common treatments that dentists recommend for tooth-related problems are crowns and bridges. In fact, it’s estimated that over 15 million Americans have dental crowns or bridgework to replace missing teeth. They can last for 15 years or longer before they need to be replaced or adjusted. Learn about crowns and bridges and how Dr. Roland Markarian at Golden Dental in Lancaster, CA can use Dental Crownsthem to restore your smile. 

Restoring Your Smile
Restorative dentistry is focused on the management and rehabilitation of diseased or damaged teeth. Thanks to modern restorative treatments, dentists can help patients maintain their smiles or improve them. Crowns and bridges are two restorative treatments that can help protect your teeth and restore your smile, sometimes making it look better than it ever looked before. 

Crowns Strengthen Your Teeth
Crowns are dental restorations that are commonly crafted out of porcelain or ceramic (plastic) material. They are designed for durability and protection. They’re also designed to closely resemble your natural teeth in shape, size and color. A crown made by your Lancaster, CA dentist Dr. Markarian gives added strength and protection to the outer surface of your tooth. It’s commonly installed after a root canal, or when a tooth becomes cracked or chipped.

Bridges Fill in Spaces
Bridges are made up of two crowns and, at least, one tooth replacement at the center. They are used when a patient has one or more missing teeth. Bridges help improve the appearance and function of your teeth. When you have a missing tooth, food can get trapped in the gap and it can be difficult to pronounce certain words. You can chew or speak normally and confidently again after bridges are installed.

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Your long-term dental care is the top priority of the team at Golden Dental in Lancaster, CA. Crowns or bridges may be the solution that you need to get a stronger, healthier and more attractive smile. Call 661-948-8100 today to schedule an appointment with a caring, qualified dentist.


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