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By Golden Dental
October 29, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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What do celebrities like Hayden Panettiere, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Danica Patrick, Taylor Swift, and Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman have in common? At one point or another they’ve all donned the “milk mustache” to help advertise the health benefits of drinking enough milk. And while we’ve all heard it repeatedly that milk does a body good, what effect, if White Smileany, does milk really have on the appearance of your smile?

Drink Your Way to a Whiter Smile

As it turns out, the benefits of regularly drinking milk are not just the stuff of sleek ad campaigns and old wive’s tales. According to Roland Markarian, DMD, a dentist in Lancaster, CA, consuming dairy products like milk will give people a reason to smile for several reasons. In addition to the high calcium content, which is essential to strengthening and protecting the bone structure that supports the teeth, dairy products like milk and cheese are also high in lactic acid.

How can lactic acid make your teeth look whiter?

Studies have found that lactic acid can serve as a barrier that can protect teeth from decay. Which brings us to enamel. Drinking milk, especially in childhood, helps to strengthen enamel, a tooth’s very own shield of armor.

Good Oral Hygiene and Your Smile

While eating and drinking, oral health-friendly foods like milk and cheese will certainly help to keep your gums healthy and contribute to a whiter smile, maintaining good oral hygiene habits is a critical component to avoiding periodontal disease. Dr. Markarian advises his patients at Golden Dental to invest in the appearance and health of their smile by practicing comprehensive preventive care, including regular oral examinations and professional cleanings, as well as daily flossing. Professional cosmetic whitening is always an option to make the smile a little brighter, and preventing gum disease should always be the priority.

To learn more about getting your healthiest, brightest smile, contact Dr. Roland Markarian at Golden Dental in Lancaster, CA at 661-948-8100 to schedule a consultation today!

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