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If a pain you’ve been feeling goes away, you might believe the problem that caused it is gone too. But that doesn’t mean it has, especially with a tooth. An excruciating toothache that suddenly stops should still be examined. Here’s why.

Tooth decay often works its way into a tooth’s innermost layer, the pulp, which contains bundles of nerves and other tissue. The infection attacks the nerves, which send pain signals to the brain. As the infection persists, though, the nerves will eventually die and will no longer be capable of sending pain signals — hence the “mysterious” end of your toothache.

Although the pain has stopped, the infection is very much active in the tooth and will continue to work its way through the root canals to the jaw. And ultimately, the pain will return as the infection invades the bone.

But there’s good news: a tooth in this condition can be saved with a procedure known as root canal therapy. We drill a small hole in the tooth to access the pulp, usually through the biting surface of back teeth or in the rear in front teeth. Once inside the pulp chamber, we clean out the infected and dead tissue. We then fill the empty pulp chamber and the root canals with a special filling and seal the access hole. In a few weeks the tooth receives a life-like crown to further protect it from re-infection and fracture years later.

A straightforward root canal treatment can be performed by a general dentist. If there are complications like a complex root canal network, however, then the skills and specialized equipment of an endodontist (a specialist in root canals) may be needed.

A root canal treatment resolves the real cause of a toothache that suddenly stopped, as well as puts an end to future pain and infection related to the tooth. More importantly, it can save your tooth and add many more years to its life.

If you would like more information on tooth pain, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “A Severe Toothache.”

By Golden Dental
December 22, 2017
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A root canal is the treatment of choice for patients who prefer to keep all of their teeth, even when there’s dental decay. It’s an alternative root canalto tooth extraction and replacement that has a high success rate. Many people who have one or more missing teeth ignored the signs that they needed an urgent root canal. If you want to avoid losing teeth, learn these signs and see your dentist Dr. Roland Markarian at Golden Dental in Lancaster, CA. 

Teeth Are Painful or Very Sensitive
Tooth pain is not a normal thing to have to deal with—especially when you feel that pain throughout the day. If you feel aching or throbbing pain in one or more teeth, that is a potential sign of dental disease that will likely require root canal therapy. The pain often radiates throughout the jaw and can even cause headaches. In some cases, sensitivity to hot and cold will be the first sign of dental discomfort. If you bite down on one side of your mouth and feel a very sharp pain that makes you wince, you should see your Lancaster, CA dentist for a checkup as soon as possible.

Boils or Sores on the Gums
When there’s a dental abscess or infection in a tooth, you may see a strange boil or sore develop on the gumline. In some cases, a group of bumps may form near the tooth. Also, when there’s an abscess, pus, blood, and other fluids may start to leak from the gumline. These are not signs that you should ignore if you want to save your tooth.

Breath Problems 
When there’s serious dental decay, a change in your breath may be one of the first signs. A decayed tooth will sometimes emit a foul odor that doesn’t go away no matter how much you rinse or brush your teeth. Bad breath that’s caused by a diseased tooth is often more intense and distinct compared to what your breath may smell like in the morning or after eating. 

Know for Sure
The only way you’ll know for sure that you need a root canal is if you get your dental issue checked and diagnosed at Golden Dental in Lancaster, CA. Call 661-948-8100 today to schedule an examination with Dr. Roland Markarian.

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