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By Golden Dental
August 11, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Learn the effects of hard food on your teeth from your Lancaster dentist.

Your teeth are very tough, but they aren't invincible. If you bite into very hard food, it's possible to crack or chip your teeth. Dr. Roland nutritionMarkarian, your Lancaster, LA dentist, lists a few foods that can damage your teeth.


Pieces of popcorn tend to get stuck to your teeth unless you brush and floss thoroughly after you indulge in a big bowl of popcorn. Unfortunately, popcorn can also crack your teeth. As you reach into the bowl or bag for another handful of popcorn, you may not notice that you've also scooped up a few unpopped kernels. Biting into one of those hard kernels can chip or fracture your tooth.


Chewing on ice cubes may seem like an innocent habit - until you crack a tooth. Every time you chomp on the ice cubes at the bottom of your beverage, tiny cracks can develop in your teeth. Eventually, those tiny cracks can cause big problems.

Nuts and olive pits

Munching on nuts or olives can also result in an unexpected visit to your dentist. Remove the pits before you eat the olives and never open shells with your teeth.

Hard pretzels and crusty bread

Thick, hard pretzels are a tasty treat, but it only takes one bite of your favorite snack to crack your tooth. It's best to stick to thinner pretzels to avoid damaging your teeth. Eating bread with thick, crunchy crusts can also cause cracks. Avoid the problem by removing the hard crusts.


Hard candy was designed to be savored not chewed. Whether you enjoy lollipops or peppermints, suck the candy instead of biting into it. Frozen candy bars are a special treat, but if you indulge in one, you may chip or fracture your tooth. In fact, anything frozen should be avoided. If you enjoy popsicles, let them soften up for a little while before you take the first bite.

Whether you have a cracked tooth or it's time for your next dental exam, Dr. Markarian, your Lancaster, LA dentist, is committed to helping you enjoy good dental health. Call him at (661) 948-8100 to schedule an appointment.

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