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Most people have no idea what it is they are supposed to accomplish when they floss their teeth.​​​​​​​

But if you are doing it at all, KUDOS to you!


Let's make the most of your efforts…

If you are not doing it, well, no better time than the present to start!


I'm here to make it EASY and PAINLESS.



"G" Good Control

Once you have the floss around your fingers...

  1. Slide the floss between the teeth. *Do not snap it down. It bruises the gums--and hurts!
  2. Make a "C" shape, as shown below.
  3. Slide the INside finger close to the tooth.
  4. Slide the OUTside finger up close to the tooth.
  5. For how to move the floss best, keep reading...


Hate flossing?

Fingers turning BLUE?

Just can't seem to do it right?

Click HERE!!!


Here's your "Easy Button"!


"P" Proper Direction

How To Move The Floss So You Don't Hurt Yourself

  1. Push the floss to the back, with both fingers.
  2. Rub the floss up and down dramatically (do not "shoe-shine").
  3. Never EVER force the floss straight down or straight up into the gums (toward the root tip direction). You will cut the gums.
  4. Go under the little point of tissue between the teeth all the way until the floss stops.
  5. Bounce up and down, in a full wiping motion as you see in the demo video.

"S" Simultaneous Movement

If You Are Bleeding More On The Inside Of Your Teeth, Here's Why...

  1. Watch in the mirror how you floss.
  2. If your finger on the tongue-side of your teeth is doing an "obligatory bounce," I call it, with the floss held out 90˚ from the row of teeth--.
  3. Then it's not hugging the tooth by making a "C" shape after all.
  4. Bacteria is being missed and it's causing an infection of the tongue-side of the teeth.


How NOT to floss the tongue-side of your teeth

Notice the INside finger doesn't "hug" the tooth.



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